“Witty, fun, familiar”

“Delicious and light”

“Funny and moving”

pic by Caroline Horton

Hannah and Rachel wanted to make this show because we are living in a time of unprecedented solitude: we are isolated bubbles of headphones and screens, fighting rising anxiety about our future with the echo chambers of social media.

Real human contact is the remedy to the consumerisation of self. We want to magnify friendship and its unifying impact on our humanity and culture and thereby give people hope.

We live in a world that economically and culturally prioritises partnership over friendship, but humans connection, friend by friend, is what starts revolutions and changes the wider world.  Friendship improves longevity, health and happiness – in the microcosm of two people but also perhaps, in the macrocosm of our failing earth. 

Our podcast:

When Covid stopped this show, we put some of the ideas into a podcast, a podcast you can listen to here:

Our outcome:

Hannah and Rachel are real friends.

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