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“… They love a certificate don’t they? Grade 3 Piano. What is that? …

Such a lack of freedom.

It’s all there in Harry Potter. You have to do what you have gone to school to do and there are no other options. Didn’t take the right OWLS so you couldn’t take the right NEWTS so you can’t be an AUROR and that’s Harry Potter. Harry Potter! Even in a fantasy book you’re pigeon-holed and you can’t do what you want.

There is an inflexibility here …

“Keep calm and carry on and having an interior life with emotions…. those things are in… opposition.”

Foreign Wives of Cambridge Men is a new verbatim play in development about the experience of being a foreign woman with an English partner in post-Brexit England. Rachel has interviewed a dozen women and one man and their experiences have been anonymised yet told in their own words. Three performers, three chairs, one self-interested playwright figuring it out.

We will show an excerpt on 29 Sptember 2021 as part of a night of new works at Cambridge Junction:

performed by Raphaëlle Collou, Judita Vivas and Adie Mueller

written and directed by Rachel Mariner

“I miss it.

There’s a difference in how I feel in myself when I am there and when I am here. There is the me who lives here and the me who lives there and they are not really the same person. ”


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