Violet Overn’s Frat Party Series

Recovering Misogynist was born on 15 October 2017. That was the first day of #metoo. #Metoo was started by Tamara Burke who wanted to empower women by empathy.

Thanks to kind funding by Arts Council England and the support of Cambridge Junction, Park Theatre and Pulse Festival, it had its initial outing in May 2019 in Pulse Festival’s esteemed Scratch Day.

Steffi Mueller played an immortal Bluebeard’s wife (first name Liberty). It was arresting.

However the show looks different now.

It’s more autobiographical.

It’s about me being a recovering misogynist.

It’s about the sexual assaults I normalised in my life in exchange for proximity to power. It’s about Mary Beard, Bluebeard, trials, witnesses, parties, Skadden, Oxford and what you do when your body rebels and you discover your narrative was wrong.

I will be back here to announce a reading in Cambridge very soon I hope.

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